Much ado about nothing in Folkestone as armed police converge on Harbour Way

Contributed by editor on Feb 16, 2017 - 04:05 PM

Following reports yesterday from East Folkestone of police cars 'flying' everywhere - I thought we'd abandoned the 'Flying Squad'- armed response officers sprung into action.


The message came through to the Hawkinge Gazette: "What the hell is going on - police cars flying everywhere - just had 4 blues 'n' twos going toward town - like a bad episode of The Bill!"

Sure it was real and not a TV drama.

The cops had been called to a report of a 'disturbance' involving a firearm.


Police cars and firearms officers descended on Harbour Way in Folkestone at 2 o'clock.

More police vehicles and ambulances were parked opposite the Leas Lift.


We understand no offences were committed, the emergency vehicles left the area and Folkestone returned to relative calm.


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