Watch out for falling trees as 80mph blast is forecast for Kent

Contributed by editor on Feb 02, 2017 - 07:55 PM

Met Office experts are warning of gales expected to affect some southern parts of England on Friday and into Saturday morning with the strongest winds likely to affect parts of the English Channel and northern France.




Forecasters say the most likely scenario is for inland locations to see a relatively short period of 40-50 mph gusts whilst windward coastal areas will see a longer period of 50 to 60 mph gusts with isolated gusts to 70 mph.


Some travel disruption is possible as well as some trees being brought down. Some heavy rain may also bring surface water issues, although that is expected to be only in parts of southwest England and south Wales.

There remains a low likelihood of gusts reaching 80 mph in some exposed southern counties.

It is forecast that a low pressure system currently developing in the Atlantic looks to run into southern parts of the UK on Friday. There remains some uncertainty over the track and timings of this but the signal remains for the strongest winds to affect parts of northern France and the English Channel.

Whilst many areas will see the strongest winds clear during Friday evening the northeast of the warning area will see them continue into Saturday morning.

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