22-year-old woman who conned elderly man from Ramsgate out of thousands of pounds is jailed

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A woman who conned an elderly man into giving her thousands of pounds has been jailed for four-and-a-half years.




Lacey Absalom, 22-years-old, of no fixed address, convinced her victim, a man in his 60s, to hand over cash to her on a number of occasions in 2014 and 2015 in Ramsgate.

Absalom convinced the victim that they knew each other and started visiting him, sometimes with other unknown people, giving various reasons as to why he should give her money.


Lacey Absalom

On one such occasion she told him he should hand over his savings to her or risk losing his benefit allowance.



The victim reported that Absalom could have taken an estimated £5,000 from cash boxes and wallets in his home over the repeated visits.

Absalom then started accompanying the victim to banks where he would be conned into withdrawing £500 each time for her.

Kent Police was made aware of Absalom’s fraudulent activities when a friend of the victim saw her leaving his property and became suspicious of her motives.



Investigating officer Detective Constable Steven Tring said: ‘Absalom preyed on a man who is considered vulnerable, by coming across as friendly while she continued to steal from him.

‘His victim believed he was doing the right thing in helping a supposed friend in need of money, and didn’t feel he could say no to her demands.

‘We estimate Absalom could have taken thousands of pounds from this gentleman over a prolonged period of time, showing just how manipulative and callous an individual she is.

‘She hounded her victim and lied to him, all for the benefit of her own greed.

‘Thankfully the victim has some genuinely good friends who stepped in to stop the thefts and I commend them for their actions.

‘It can never be underestimated the damage people like Absalom can inflict on those who are considered vulnerable. We continue to work to protect them and ask if you suspect your friends or family members are going through something similar, report it on 101.’

Absalom pleaded guilty to four counts of theft at Thanet Magistrates’ Court.

She appeared at Canterbury Crown Court on Wednesday 1 February 2017 where she was also sentenced for an unrelated count of robbery in Canterbury and a shoplifting in Folkestone. In total she was sentenced to four years and six months in prison.


Absalom, along with 28-year-old Victor Chandler, pictured left, from Canterbury, carried out the robbery during the evening of 16 July 2016.

A man in his 30s and a woman in her 40s were walking along a path which runs along the River Stour near Kingsmead in Canterbury when Absalom approached them and asked for cigarettes before attacking the woman.


The male victim struck up a deal with Absalom and Chandler that if they stopped attacking his friend, he would give them money. He offered them loose change but Absalom demanded he go to a cashpoint where he gave her £70.


Caught on CCTV

The pair were caught on CCTV and identified by local officers, leading to their arrests.

Chandler was sentenced to four years in prison at Canterbury Crown Court after he was found guilty of being Absalom’s accomplice in the robbery.

Stamped on and bitten


Detective Constable Kelly Snowden, who investigated the robbery, said: ‘One of the victims was stamped on and bitten during the robbery and it was - understandably - a horrific ordeal for both victims to come to terms with.

‘Chandler and Absalom are two nasty individuals who need to learn you can’t take other people’s property.’


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