Impressive Rievaulx Abbey ruins in valley of river Rye

Contributed by editor on Feb 05, 2017 - 01:55 PM

By Dana Wiffen

Discover the ruins of one of England's most powerful Cistercian monasteries at Rievaulx Abbey in north Yorkshire.



... another casualty of Henry VIII’s suppression in 1538 .....


Set in a wooded valley of the river Rye this once huge monastic Abbey offers a lot of majestic ruins some still standing tall. First established by monks in 1132, by 1160 there were 650 in residence confirming it’s size.

Photo: Dana Wiffen

After 400 years of monastic life the Abbey became yet another casualty of Henry VIII’s suppression in 1538.

Photo: Dana Wiffen

The wonderful remains still make it a great site to visit and with the recently added visitor centre that offers previously unseen objects found around the site from its 400 year history.

Top photo: Rievaulx Abbey in north Yorkshire by Dana Wiffen



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