Two men jailed for 5 years after robbing 16-year-old of £500 in Canterbury

Contributed by editor on Feb 05, 2017 - 11:00 AM

Two robbers have been jailed for robbing their victim of £500.




On 26 October 2015, Sadaat Bibiani, 21, of no fixed address and Hayatullah Hazarbuz, 20 from Canterbury went to an address at Shaftesbury Road, Canterbury just after midnight where they intimidated the 16-year-old male occupant.

Bibiani caused damage to a wall and then threatened the teenager who, fearing violence, gave them all the money he possessed, approximately £500.

The two men were arrested later that day. They were subsequently charged with the robbery with Bibiani also receiving a charge for damaging the wall.

At Canterbury Crown Court on 2 February 2017, Bibiani, who had already pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to the criminal damage, was also found guilty of robbery and was sentenced to three years in prison. Hazarbuz received two years in prison for the robbery.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Dan Mead said: ‘These two men used bullying and intimidation against this young man to take all the money he owned. They gave no consideration to how he would be able to support himself without this cash.

‘The young victim can gain some reassurance that these two predatory individuals are safely behind bars and it is to his credit that he was courageous enough to assist us during this lengthy legal process.’


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