Dream comes true for wannabe gritter driver in Seabrook, Hythe

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It was a dream come true for Paul Fagg when he got to live out his dreams of becoming a gritter driver.



The 22-year-old from Seabrook has been interested in all things gritting and winter maintenance since he was 13.

He regularly gets up in the middle of the night to salt the roads and pavements in his area that aren’t covered by KCC’s gritting routes.

Andy Godden, Paul Fagg and Clive Lofting at the Ashford highways depot

Paul, who works at Elham Valley Vineyard and Garden Centre, said: “I’ve enjoyed today it’s been an amazing experience.

“It’s all about people not hurting themselves and you can cause serious damage if you’re not gritting so I like doing it to keep people safe.”

Paul, who has autism, keeps a keen eye on the weather reports each night to see what the temperatures will be to see whether he’ll need to get out and grit his neighbourhood.

He even checks the levels of salt in the salt bins and lets Shepway highway steward Clive Lofting know if they need filling up.

There are more than 2,000 salt bins located across the county.

Paul added: “I would like to work for highways or Kent County Council and drive a grit lorry.”

Kent County Council’s winter service started on Friday, October 14 and runs until April 21.

If icy conditions or snow is expected, KCC salts about a third of the county’s road network – about 1,600 miles – which includes the A and B roads, major strategic, other strategic and locally important roads – these are termed primary routes.

Kent Highways has 21,000 tonnes of salt held in six depots countywide for distribution.

To see what the gritting crew are up to, follow @GrittingKent on Twitter.


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