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Local authority: Noisy pensioner's home wired up like a disco is 'living hell' for neighbours in Folkestone

Contributed by editor on Apr 19, 2017 - 11:45 AM



More than 300 CDs, stereo equipment and a turntable were seized from a Folkestone pensioner’s flat after he ignored repeated warnings to keep the noise down.

Environmental Protection Officers from Shepway District Council said Peter Tuppen’s home in Stephen Court, Foord Road, Folkestone, was wired up like a nightclub – complete with disco ball

The council had received several complaints about late night noise from the flat and had repeatedly written to, and visited, Mr Tuppen asking him to turn things down.

Officers witnessed ‘excessively loud’ drum and bass music and guitar solos themselves and said it made neighbours’ lives a ‘living hell.’

Some of the confiscated goods

When Mr Tuppen, believed to be in his early 70s, also ignored a Noise Abatement Notice and carried on with his late night music, the council obtained a warrant through the courts and confiscated the goods.

A council spokesman said: “We all love to enjoy our favourite music in our own home, and it’s great that most people will do that with no problem. But when one person’s loud music makes neighbours’ lives a ‘living hell’ the council has no alternative than to step in.

"The level and frequency of the noise in this case caused a completely unacceptable intrusion into the lives of other residents of Stephen Court.”


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