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Business: Blooming good way to get your business noticed in Sandgate, Folkestone

Contributed by editor on Apr 20, 2017 - 10:55 AM



Get your business noticed and pretty up the village of Sandgate at the same time by sponsoring a summer planter.


There are to be a total of eight planters in Sandgate Village.

The Parish Council is seeking sponsorship for each which will be on display throughout the summer.

The locations of these planters are: the rowing boat at the western entrance to the village on Sandgate Esplanade; six rectangular planters by the Sir John Moore Memorial; and a circular planter outside the Ship Inn. Images of locations can be supplied on request.

The following criteria and conditions will apply:

- The cost of sponsorship will be £50 per season (ie May to September). This cost will include the production and display of the necessary sponsorship sign by Sandgate Parish Council.

- The format of the advertisement will be along the lines of a standard sample available from  with the sponsoring company logo receiving approximately twice the spatial coverage as the Parish Council’s. The overall size will be A5 landscape. The company should supply a high resolution jpg file of their logo.

- Whilst the Parish Council will seek to meet individual company requests, the allocation of planters will be on a first come first served basis.

- The Parish Council reserves the right to refuse offers of sponsorship on the grounds of taste or decency.

- The deadline for applications is 2 May 2017 with payment to accompany application.

- Applications to: The Parish Clerk, Sandgate Parish Council, Sandgate Parish Council Library, James Morris Court, Sandgate High Street, CT20 3RR (cheques to made payable to 'Sandgate Parish Council'.


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