Hawkinge burglar escapes with just 4 pints of milk

Contributed by editor on May 18, 2017 - 11:45 AM


A burglar in Hawkinge has reportedly escaped with just a 4 pint container of milk after breaking into a property in the town.


Neighbourhood Watch has reported that between 8.30pm on 13 May and 12.40 pm on 14 May, a property situated in Millfield Close Hawkinge was entered through a front lounge window.

The window was pushed open and the intruder was able to enter the property.

The owner has only reported that a 4 pint container of milk from the fridge has been taken. Nothing else in the property has been touched and rooms are intact. If you can assist in this please call 101 and quote crime number ZY/019534/17

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