Kent author's intriguing latest novel set in Deal, Dover and Folkestone

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A Kent authors from the Isle of Sheppey has just had his latest novel, set in East Kent, published.



Peter Chegwidden said: "My latest novel, 'Kindale', is now available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats.

"It is set in East Kent - mainly Deal, Dover and Folkestone in the late 18th century, and is a tale of intrigue, espionage and treachery and is set against a backdrop of the threat of war with France."

It is the late 18th century, in the reign of George III. Major events such as the American War of Independence, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars belong to this era. Indeed, even now Napoleon is rising to power.

The fear of war is bringing uneasiness to Kent as it is elsewhere. Now the mysterious Oliver Kindale is on his way to Dover. His destiny is aligned to the activities of a Frenchman and an English outlaw. Threatening developments in France seem to be at the centre of his critical mission.

But Kindale is not an officer of the law, nor is he a military man. Indeed, little is known about him. The east Kent coast has been a hotbed for smuggling but Kindale is not pursuing the free-traders, although their paths will inevitably cross.

Which side of the law does Kindale operate on? What are his motives? Why is he in Kent at all? And what of the man himself?

Death hangs in the air. These are dangerous times and Kindale will face danger and other challenges, some that will test him heart and mind, body and soul.

Could the very fate of England be in his hands?

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