Green light in Hythe West but blues for Labour as Tories take five out of six seats in Shepway area

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Green candidate for Hythe West, Martin Whybrow has retained a green presence in Hythe, Kent following his re-election to Kent County Council with 41% of the vote up from 35% in 2013.



As was widely expected, the ruling Conservatives consolidated their position on the council in the Shepway area with Susan Carey and David Monk leading the way.

However, the electorate in Hythe West stood firmly behind Green candidate, Martin Whybrow, thwarting the Tory's hopes of a clean sweep in the council election.

Results of Kent County Council election held on 4 May 2017 for the Shepway area

Cheriton, Sandgate and Hythe East
Turnout 36%

Paul Bingham (Labour) 506
Ross Carter (Green) 856
Neil Jones (Ukip) 398

* Rory Love (Cons) 2172 - Elected

Tim Prater (Lib Dem) 1217

Elham Valley
Turnout 36%

* Susan Carey (Cons) 2706 - Elected

Ross Clark (Lib Dem) 515
Stephen Priestley (Ukip) 639
Aaron Roche (Labour) 513
Karen White (Green) 616

Folkestone East
Turnout 25%

Lynne Beaumont (Lib Dem) 542
Arran Harvey (Labour) 831
Max Hess (Socialist) 48
Mary Lawes (Ukip) 660

* Dick Pascoe (Cons) - 1153 Elected

Folkestone West
Turnout 31%

Laura Davison (Labour) 841
Gary Fuller (Lib Dems) 521
Stephen Jardine (Ukip) 412

* David Monk (Cons) 1834 - Elected

Bryan Rylands (Ind) 191
Rebecca Shoob (Green) 325
Andy Thomas (Socialist) 23

Hythe West
Turnout 42%

Christopher Deane (Labour) 340
Neil Matthews (Lib Dem) 280
Ian Meyers (Ukip) 493
David Owen (Cons) 2044

*Martin Whybrow (Green) 2234 - Elected

Romney Marsh
Turnout 36 %

Nicola Deane (Labour) 361
Susie Govett (Ukip) 1077

* Tony Hills (Cons) 2218 - Elected

Ted Last (Lib Dem) 335
Andrew South (Green) 215
David Wimble (Ind) 1061

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