How to Get Bills That Make You Happy

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Let’s face it, receiving a bill that actually makes you happy is a something of a challenge. Any bill amount is an expense, but would the arrival of those brown envelopes be less worrying if you knew that the total amount was going to be lower? 

You might not start dancing with joy every time the postman drops a fresh bill through the door, but if you take a smarter approach to your home environment, you could find that your bills aren’t the hassle that they used to be. If you’ve already swapped to energy-saving light bulbs and you have a draught excluder on every door, you might be wondering what else you can be doing. These three starting points might just make getting a bill much less horrifying.

Council Tax

If there’s one thing that most people dislike paying for, it’s their council tax. Although it’s a necessary essential, the fact that it feels so far removed from daily life makes it a difficult bill to prioritise. The council tax system in the UK is also quite flawed, and many people don’t realise that they are paying far more than they should be. Take the time to check that you’re being charged the right amount and double check that you’re in the right band as well. Doing so might not save you a lot, but when every penny counts, it’s essential that you’re not overpaying for anything.

Look at your heating

Energy costs are one of the bigger expenses when it comes to running a property. Heating, especially as the summer turns into winter, can cause a massive change to your outgoing expenses. Before you start unpacking the winter wardrobe, give some thought to the way that you currently heat your home. There are so many ways that you can potentially keep your home warm, with everything from solar panels, oil or gas heating systems, or even biomass options and heat pumps. Get some advice from, and you might find that even your biggest bills could be seriously reduced. Get the right system in place, and a bill might actually make you happy!

The television bill

From the license fee to your Sky subscription, you might think that there’s very little that you can do about the price of watching your favourite shows. Savvy TV owners have already managed to reduce the amount that they pay for their television viewing though, and they aren’t breaking the law either. One way to reduce your TV bill is by contacting any broadcast services that you use, with Sky being the most popular. A simple phone call to their customer service line could result in you halving your bill! It’s also worth remembering that if you're not watching live television, you don’t need a TV licence either, and that could mean losing an entire bill. There’s no better bill than the one you don’t get!

When it comes to better bill management, always keep an eye on your direct debits and cancel anything that you no longer use. The more you pay attention to your bills, the more likely that you will find ways to reduce them, and that could make the arrival of those brown envelopes much more pleasing.

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