7 Reasons To Become A Mechanic

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Work is an important part of life, and if you are able to do it, then it is something that can bring you a lot of joy and happiness - assuming you pick the right career! 

Trying to choose what to do can feel daunting because there is so much choice. In the end, it will often come down to finding something that fits in with the lifestyle we want to have and works well with our own personal skills and passions. Although it’s not always possible to find this dream job in the first instance, it is something that should be constantly searched for. Being a mechanic can be the perfect job for many people. Here are the reasons why it might be perfect for you too.

Job Stability

There are some jobs that will always be needed, and a mechanic is one of them. In the past, not every family had a car, and many relied on public transport to get them from one place to another. Times have most certainly changed, and today the majority of people do own or lease a car. No matter how old or new that car is, it will need to be regularly serviced to ensure that it is running properly. Plus, when it breaks down or is damaged in an accident, it will need to be fixed.

This is where the mechanic comes in. Unless the car owner knows exactly what to do and has the time to do it, they will pass their vehicle on to someone who is more experienced and qualified to make the repairs. A mechanic will know where to source parts, for example, and you can learn more about the best ways to do that here. A mechanic will also be able to make the repairs to a high standard, ensuring that the vehicle is safe to drive. There will never be a shortage of work for a highly skilled mechanic.


Unlike some professions that require many years of training before any work can actually be done, when you choose to become a mechanic, you can attend a vocational course at college, or become an apprentice and learn on the job. Both of these options mean that you will be working and literally getting your hands dirty almost from day one. You will gain a lot of experience in a short amount of time, ensuring that you can work on any kind of vehicle no matter what the issue might be. Another bonus is that the money required to attend a mechanics’ course is far less than some other courses including dentistry, medicine, or teaching. So you don’t have to spend as much money, and you can start earning from the very start.


There are many different opportunities for advancement when you have the skills required to be a mechanic. You can start as an apprentice as mentioned above and then work your way up relatively quickly to being able to own your own garage if that’s what you want to do. If you would rather work for someone else and not have to deal with being a business owner as well as being a mechanic, then you should be able to take your pick of places to work assuming you have the skills to back up your qualifications and experience.

Job Variety

Due to the fact that mechanics can work on all kinds of vehicles and engines once they have learned enough, the variety of jobs that are open to you is immense. It’s not just about fixing cars, although this is a large part of being a mechanic and the thing that everyone imagines when you tell them what you do. Being a mechanic could include designing auto parts and systems, developing technology, working on larger engines including this of boats and even planes, or putting all the parts together to create the finished product. In some industries, you could be working on one project one day and another the next, always enjoying a massive amount of variety no matter what it is you are tasked with doing.

Job Satisfaction

There are not that many jobs where you can see a project through from beginning to end, solving problems along the way, and return the vehicle you have been working on to its owner in a much better state than when you received it. The capacity for job satisfaction when you are a mechanic is huge, and you can be sure that you are really making a big difference. People need their cars, for example, and if they have to be without them for a long period of time, it can cause them problems with their work and home lives. As a mechanic, you can change that, and do so much more to help out.

Social Interaction

There are jobs that mean you are left in an office all day, perhaps not getting to talk to anyone or even see anyone else for hours at a time. This suits some people perfectly, but if you prefer to be able to interact with people and have a conversation, then being a mechanic will give you that chance. You can talk to customers, suppliers, and other work colleagues, plus you don’t have to sit at a desk all day and instead you can be outside in the fresh air or at least moving around a lot more. Positive interactions with the public can even increase your workload as you are able to persuade people to use your mechanic skills rather than your competition’s.


Being a mechanic is not something that everyone can do, and even the most enthusiastic amateur mechanics will come to you for advice and help when they need it. Being a mechanic is a job that often comes with plenty of respect from others attached. It is skilled and highly sought after, and it is hard work too. You need to use your hands and be physical, but you also need to use your brain to work out the answers the problems that are posed each and every day on different vehicles and in different ways.

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