How to Buy Christmas Presents Men Will Love

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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Don’t worry if you haven’t - you might know someone who’s super organised and got all theirs done and wrapped by August Bank Holiday weekend, but most of us are still thinking we’ve got plenty of time left yet. Even if you’ve made a start, it’s a fair bet that you’ll have a few tricky names left on your shopping list.

People tend to buy for the easiest names on their list first, then get left with a collection of people for whom you need to buy a gift but have no idea what to get. That leads to procrastination, and before you know it it’s Christmas Eve, and you’re on a mad dash to buy socks again because you’ve still not come up with any good ideas. If that sounds familiar, here are a few ideas to inspire you and help you avoid the last-minute pack of socks situation.


Are men hard to buy for?

Many men aren’t hard to buy for at all, but it’s true that the names at the bottom of your shopping list are likely to include men. In some cases, it’s hard because they have few interests outside of work and family, in others, it may be because you don’t know enough about them and their hobbies. Or if it’s your partner, you could know them so well that nothing seems good enough or interesting enough to show how much you care. That’s why people fall back on socks, or sweets, or beer, and feel dissatisfied that they couldn’t think of anything better.

What do men like?

Men are just as diverse as women in their interests and personalities, but it’s true to say that there are some interests that particularly appeal to the majority of men. However, just because most men enjoy watching sports doesn’t mean you should assume all men do. Or even that his tastes include all major sports. He could be a fanatical rugby fan and have no interest in football, for example, so buying him a soccer-related present is going to fall a little flat.

If you know anything about the man in question, try to use what you know as inspiration, but find out enough detail so you can make an informed choice. For instance, you know your work colleague regularly goes fishing, which opens up a good selection of possible gift items. To ensure you choose a gift he’ll love, you also need to know what kind of fishing he favours. Coarse fishermen who are after the biggest carp or catfish in a fishing lake would use different equipment to a fly fisherman in a river, or a sea fisherman at the coast.

The more they know about their hobby, the harder it can be in a way, because they’ll have highly specific demands not only regarding what they use, but who it’s made by. Buying a scratch golfer a Nike bobble hat when he’s a Titleist man misses the mark, even though he might be in need of a new winter hat. However, if you can find out some specifics, either during your conversations or from his nearest and dearest, you could be on to a winner.

Car and motorbike lovers

Some men have no interest in vehicles beyond their use as a means of transport, but many have a passion for cars that fuels a good few Christmas gift ideas. Instead of going for another car wash kit, have a look at some more interesting alternatives. Say your friend has finally got his dream Jaguar X-Type parked in his drive; rather than buying a generic motoring gift, look for items related to that specific car.

Prestige and collectable models in particular usually have a range of merchandise available, so have a look at the manufacturer’s website and see what you can find. Or how about a comedy present, like a sign that says, “Only Jaguars permitted to park here.” Do a search for Jaguar or X-Type themed gifts online, and you’ll get thousands of hits to look through.

If you’re looking for something truly unique, how about a personalised number plate? These don’t just appeal to petrol heads, so it could be a good option for anyone who has their own car. They won’t be a cheap gift, but there’s a wide selection of prices for plates, so you don’t need to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds. Have a look at a specialist personalised number plate website to see more about how to buy, and the numbers you could get for your loved one.

Sports and hobbies

If you know your gift recipient supports a certain sports team, you can’t really go wrong with a present that relates to their team. A Liverpool fan wouldn’t care how many football shirts or scarves they had with the Liver bird on, and a Ferrari fan would be happy to have a wardrobe full of prancing horse baseball caps. If you’re not sure about team affiliation, make sure before you buy – sports fans are often so devoted to their teams that being given a present relating to the wrong team might even be offensive. If your friend is a Manchester supporter, make sure you know whether that’s City or United, because if you get it wrong, Christmas could be ruined!

There are plenty of other hobbies men are interested in that offer ideas for possible presents. The same kinds of rules apply, in that the more you know about their particular interest and level of expertise the easier it is to buy the right gift. For instance, if your friend has an OO gauge model railway set-up, he won’t be able to use an N gauge locomotive as his track will be too big.

If you’re still finding it hard to choose a present you’re happy with, you could try looking at some gifts for men websites and catalogues that might have useful items; or failing that, you can always ask – most men would rather you asked, and they got what they wanted than receive a surprise gift that they don’t particularly like.

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