Kent County Council emergency planning report spells out catastrophic effect of no-deal Brexit on county

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The impact of a catastrophic no deal Brexit has been laid bare in a report detailing Kent County Council's emergency plans.

It outlines the measures the council will need to take to keep basic services such as social care, schools and highways running if the UK leaves without a deal in March 2019.

With Kent "routinely" having to accommodate 10,000 extra lorries as border checks are imposed under a no deal scenario, the report details fears that the resulting traffic problems will be so bad that carers will be unable to reach patients, teachers and pupils will be unable to travel to school and the council's own staff won't be able to get around the county.

The Government's traffic management plan, Operation Brock, would see lorries shunted around the county, first parking just outside the Port of Dover, then on the M20. When that was full the next phase would involve opening the old Manston Airport site to park more lorries, followed by the M26 and finally sending lorries "outside the county".

Rob Bird, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Opposition on Kent County Council, said: "This report finally reveals the truth. The people of Kent did not vote for disruption to food supplies. They did not vote to jeopardise care for society's most vulnerable or to risk our children's education.


"The threats of a no deal Brexit are very real. So real in fact that Kent County Council has already committed millions of pounds of taxpayer's money in order to mitigate the worst effects. Kent is still waiting for the Government's cheque.

"A chaotic No-deal Brexit would be catastrophic for Kent and Kent's MPs should insist that Government rules this out now.


"The Government is deadlocked."

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