‘Down From London’ term of abuse for Londoners who settle in Kent is playful title of new art exhibition in Deal

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Words and photographs by Susan Carey
Linden Hall Studio in Deal is the venue for an exhibition from the London Group with the playful title ‘Down From London’.


Often used as a term of abuse for Londoners who have the temerity to settle in Kent by people who already live here, ‘Down From London’ is a great name for an exhibition which contains works of beauty, challenge and often the two together.

The gallery

The London Group was formed in 1913 and is a collective of artists from all disciplines. It currently has 89 artists as members and several of these were in Deal for the preview to launch the exhibition on Saturday 03 February including Graham Mileson and Claire Parrish.

Gallery Director Miles Corley

One of the most striking exhibits was entitled ‘Lady Loviband’ and shows a constantly changing pattern of light generated by a computer. The work is based on a 3D image of a schooner wrecked on the Goodwin Sands on 13 February 1748 and said to reappear as a ghost ship every 50 years.
The opening of the exhibition

Another exhibit, ‘Vanitas’ showed what seemed to be a painting of a Chinese vase but on closer inspection instead of the traditional decoration shows a riot in progress.

Graham Mileson with Susan Carey (his painting in the background)

It’s hard to do justice to the works in reproduction. Graham Mileson for instance works in Interference Colour which is best seen in natural light. Graham and I have been friends for over 30 years and over this time I have collected five of his paintings – beautiful pieces which glow in the moonlight and shimmer in the sun and a joy to live with.

The gallery itself deserves a mention as a fine space to see art over two floors. The exhibition runs until 25 February and is a welcome visitor from London.



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