Ray catches the rays as Sun sets on 2019 in Folkestone - PHOTOS

Contributed by editor on Dec 31, 2019 - 11:30 AM

The Leas Bandstand silhouetted against the sunset with Moon top left and Venus the speck nearby! Photo: Ray Duff


By Ray Duff

Late afternoon on Sunday saw people flocking to The Leas, Folkestone to watch a spectacular sunset accompanied by a crescent Moon and planet Venus appearing nearby.

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The darkening skies caused the few clouds to turn bright pink through to deep reds, whilst the Romney Marsh coast turned from yellows to deep ochre and reds.


The Memorial Arch set against the colourful backdrop  Photo: Ray Duff

The crescent Moon appeared above and to the left of the sunset whilst planet Venus made a bright point just below right on it to complement the view.


Folkestone beach shoreline under the glowing skies  Photo: Ray Duff

Let's all hope that such red skies at night, in this context, bode well for everyone throughout the whole of 2020.


Romney Marsh glows red from The Leas  Photo: Ray Duff

I wish all Hawkinge Gazette readers a  very Happy New Year!


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