Modern mobile phone technology and photographs bring the history of East Folkestone to life

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Dover Road, Folkestone in the 20th century


By Sue Sheppard

An exhibition aimed at all ages uses photographs and modern mobile phone technology to bring the history of East Folkestone to life.

Expo aims at telling the true story of East Folkestone centred around Dover Road and its rich heritage - one that few, except for maybe older locals born and bred there, even realise.

It was the railway that made Folkestone and being near the railway meant the East & Dover Road was pivotal to the town's growth and development.

Not surprisingly it was also at the heart of all the major events in the last hundred and fifty years.

From boom town growth, Folkestone's so-called Golden Age to Depression, General Strike, World Wars and post war recovery, Expo covers it all.

Visitors can visit the exhibition free of charge.

It will be held at Lacies shop at 127 Dover Road on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March.

The Saturday evening is sold out but Sunday from 1.30pm to 5pm and 6.30pm to 10 .00pm are still available from the shop.

For more information telephone Sue Sheppard 01303 240470 email you will need to bring a mobile with earpiece to access the audio history and music of the past. Don't worry if you haven't, there's enough to fascinate everybody interested in knowing more about their community.

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