What to do if you are the one in five who suffers misery of hay fever in east Kent

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With the hay fever season already in its second month the NHS in east Kent is urging people to use their local pharmacy to buy medication for the symptoms.

Allergic rhinitis or hay fever, as it is generally called, is usually worse between late March and September, especially when it's warm, humid and windy. As the pollen count rises, one person in five is likely to suffer from the allergic condition, which causes sneezing, a runny nose and itchy eyes.

But not everyone knows that treatment can be provided by a pharmacist rather than having to book an appointment to see a GP. Many treatments are available from as little as £1 from a pharmacy or supermarket.

Dr Jonathan Bryant, Chair of NHS South Kent Coast Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), said: “In the spring and summer, we see increasing numbers of patients suffering with hay fever symptoms. Rising pollen counts can lead to misery for sufferers but many cases of hay fever can be controlled using over-the-counter medication available from your pharmacist.

“You can also talk to your pharmacist about managing your hay fever and avoiding allergy triggers. You do not need a prescription for hay fever medicines and many treatments are available for little cost from a pharmacy.

“So for most people, there is no need to let hay fever take up any more of your time by waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

“If your symptoms persist despite using medication as advised by the pharmacist you may wish to speak to your GP about alternative medication which is only available on prescription.”


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