Just moved in? What to replace and what to keep

Contributed by editor on May 14, 2019 - 11:35 PM

One of the hardest aspects of moving house is keeping track of what’s already arrived at your new abode and what has yet to come.

Constantly shifting furniture and moving cumbersome objects into place can make you question just how much of it all you really need. Before you start the process of boxing up and arranging removal vans, it could be a good idea to take a look at what needs to go, and what can stay.


If it’s possible – keep these. Sometimes they can be thrown in as part of the old house for the next owner, but if you can, it really does save a lot of hassle to keep them. If you’re worried about the colour of your old shelves clashing with your new decor, then a bit of DIY paintwork will seamlessly incorporate them, plus it’s far cheaper than purchasing a whole new set of shelves! If you do decide to re-paint your bookshelves, remember to double-check the process for painting on wood. You will need to sand down the surface and put down a primer to ensure longevity to your work.

Dining table

It’s rare that you’ll need to replace your dining table unless you’re working with a smaller space or would like to allow for more dinner guests. If you don’t foresee a dramatic increase in the number of people you’ll be hosting or living in your new property, keeping your dining table and chairs could save you a lot of cash in the moving process.


Anyone who has had a floral sofa re-upholstered will agree with this point; sofas can very easily date. Some colours and fabrics are timeless, but an old sofa that has lumpy stuffing or tired fabric might be better off in the hands of a charity shop. If you’re looking for a sleek and contemporary design, then finding a sofa using an online retailer, such as Luluna, will save hours trekking around furniture shops during the moving process.

Old beds

Moving into a new house can sometimes disrupt your sleeping pattern temporarily. After all, a new room feels strange, and you have yet to really settle into the feel of your home. However, if there’s one way that will make that worse, it’s an old bed frame that’s threatening to cave in. If you find it to be creaking or sagging or the mattress leaves little to be desired, then your bed might have reached the end of its life. Be sure to order your new replacement in plenty of time – you don’t want to be caught without the essentials on your first night in your new abode.

Sometimes moving house can prompt a spring clean of some of your oldest furniture pieces. Stripping back each room can cause you to realise that some of your most trusted furniture has finally come to the end of its life and that it might be time to invest in a new replacement. However, do keep your eye out for timeless pieces that are just as good as on the day you bought them.

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