5 Easy Ways to Save Hundreds of Pounds Online

Contributed by editor on May 09, 2019 - 11:35 PM

Every year bills increase, and people are feeling their wallets getting lighter.

Not only are costs increasing faster than wages, such as council taxes and insurance costs, but also new bills seem to appear every few years. Just over the last decade, many will have seen a new regular bill such as an on-demand media subscription, like Spotify or Netflix, or for a mobile data package so you can stream the media on the go, appear on their bank account.


With these new and increasing costs, people are looking for ways to save money, just a few pounds regularly here and there, to help offset these bills. Here are five simple ways anyone can use the internet to save themselves money, maybe even hundreds of pounds a year.


Switch to a Bank that Pays

Personal banking has become a competitive market lately. Banks on the high street, and online, are trying hard to tempt new customers to switch their banking to them. There can be great incentives, such as a monthly payment of £5 or £10, or vouchers worth hundreds to spend at major stores.

Compare Prices Online

There are comparison websites for just about everything you can buy online, not just car insurance or holidays. Many shopping websites, such as Amazon, have some comparison elements as a part of their shopping experience, but before you commit to any online purchase, it is worth searching for a better deal elsewhere online. Just a quick Google search of the product can often present a better deal from a reputable seller.

Start Using Vouchers

There are a number of websites, such as Voucher Empire, that offer vouchers for a number of products and services, both online and off. If you are planning a day trip, a cinema visit, or even on sending some flowers as a gift, it is worth looking for a voucher or discount code online.

Shop Around for Your Energy Supply

The energy supply market is even more competitive than personal banking. Many people don’t realise how quick and easy it can be to change supplier, and many suppliers offer valuable incentives to you to make the switch.

Save Money on Delivery Charges

When shopping online, you will notice that many sites will offer free delivery, but only if you spend over a certain amount, often in excess of £50. These websites will also offer free and simple returns on unwanted goods. If you want to save money on delivery, but haven't spent enough to cross the free delivery threshold, why not order something you don’t want, and return it later? You may have to print a label and make a trip to a post office to complete your return, but this small job can save you the cost of a month of Netflix.

By trying just a few of these ideas, anyone can save themselves money and help pay for the little bills that keep mounting up. Just a few hours a month online could save you hundreds a year.

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