Big Police mobilisation for Folkestone demonstration supporting 'barracks' asylum seekers

Contributed by editor on Oct 18, 2020 - 11:03 PM

Police keeping the demonstrators apart outside the barracks  Photo: Ray Duff


By Ray Duff


More than three hundred people gathered on Saturday, 17 October, in support of the asylum-seekers housed at Napier Barracks, Shorncliffe, Folkestone.

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They included many individuals and groups from across the town and district and from across Kent. There only a small number of anti-migrant protesters nearby

One of groups at the support event  Photo:  Ray Duff

There was a large Police presence for the demo and many asylum-seekers within the Barracks were seen to be in the forecourt area calling their thanks.

The large gathering of  of supporters in the park opposite the barracks  Photo: Ray Duff

The demonstration was arranged by Kent Refugee Action Network with leading organiser Bridget Chapman welcoming people and thanking them for coming. She said: "We have been getting lots of people contacting us asking how they can help the people in the barracks. Given the huge amount of support locally we called this event so that people could show their support physically".

Bridget Chapman of KRAN addresses the supporters  Photo: Ray Duff

"There are some who suggest that local people don;t want these refugees staying at the camp but I don't think that's representative of the local community given the support coming forward"

A group of asylum-seekers show their thanks  Photo: Ray Duff

"It's heartwarming to see the real Folkestone, and indeed from many beyond, at this support event as far as i'm concerned".

The event ended after about an hour with no trouble reported and everyone leaving peacefully.

Demonstrators show their support in English and Arabic  Photo: Ray Duff

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