What an experience! - A Dover villager's view of lockdown in Alkham

Contributed by editor on May 20, 2020 - 12:30 PM


By Alkham villager Irene Barnard


I think I can echo everyone’s voice when I say this situation can't be over quick enough.

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Perhaps though it has brought the best out of us.


We have always had wonderful camaraderie in Alkham and feel that these past weeks have showed deeper compassion and care for others.


No one has been rushing anywhere with no time to chat, the roads and lanes have been remarkably quiet and life seems to have taken a slower pace. We have been truly blessed with so much fabulous weather, so gardens are looking amazing with landscaping, newly dug ponds and refurbished garden furniture.


Being in lockdown, and using our daily exercise time, we have been able to explore areas of Alkham, and discovered more walks, woods and bridleways than we knew about.


I think the Thursday night clap is a wonderful national event and thank goodness for Zoom, Skype and Facetime.


Sadly though it's been deeply upsetting hearing the daily number of deaths, being reminded of those struggling financially, and all of us who have been deprived of visiting family and friends.

I cannot comprehend how families without gardens have managed, and very relieved that outside areas are now open again.


As we move forward, I can only hope that we will finally come through better people.


I hope the kindness, caring and compassion remains.


For sure, this pandemic has humbled me, opened my eyes even wider and allowed me to stand still and breathe.

Published in the June edition of the Alkham Newsletter

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