Team operation to tackle knife crime takes place in Canterbury railway station

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Officers from Canterbury's Community Policing Team and British Transport Police have taken part in an operation to tackle knife crime in the city.

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The team attended Canterbury East railway station on Wednesday 9 September 2020, where they used a walk-through metal detector, also known as a knife arch, to check for the presence of any offensive weapons.

Five people were searched as part of the operation, which also included the use of plain clothes officers, and one person was given a caution after a small quantity of cannabis was seized.

Inspector Guy Thompson, of Canterbury's Community Safety Unit, said: 'This is the first of a number of operations Kent Police will jointly hold with our colleagues from British Transport Police to ensure Canterbury remains a safe place to live, work and visit, and to target those who are using the rail network with criminal intentions.

'There is no excuse for carrying a weapon of any kind in Kent and we will seek the prosecution of anyone we find in possession of one.

'I hope our actions send out a clear message that criminals from other areas are not welcome in Canterbury.'

Chief Inspector Alistair Beaton, from the British Transport Police, said: 'Preventing serious violence and knife crime on the rail network remains one of the highest priorities for BTP, and we are pleased to be working with our colleagues at Kent Police on these operations.

'Knife arches and plain clothes officers are just two of the specialist resources we use on a regular basis to deter violence on the railway network, and they're all part of our commitment to keeping you safe.

'If you ever have any concerns when you’re using the railway, you can text us discreetly on 61016.'

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