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Articles: Selsted is far from filling its classes

Contributed by editor on May 13, 2006 - 12:21 AM

Have your say!


Dear Ed,

Re: Suddenly Selsted school looks more viable

Most people accept that the drop in the number of children means that changes have to be made and its good to see that Mrs Baldwin recognises there is a real problem. 

There are several reasons why Selsted school has been put forward for consideration for closure.  Firstly it has o­ne of the biggest percentage of empty places in the district.  It has places for 105 children but has o­nly 70 pupils which means it is running at 33% empty.  As the government funds schools per pupil this means that the school must spend more o­n overheads and less o­n education.

105 places is a significant contribution to reducing the surplus places in our district.  And if you accept there must be some change then the question is if not this school which o­ne?

Another reason why it is being considered is that few pupils live near the school itself.  Just o­ne family within a mile radius, a further four just over a mile but the vast majority at some distance. 

There are many smaller schools and church schools in the area so there is still  a choice of schools.

Removing a mobile classroom would not resolve the fundamental problem that Selsted is far from filling its classes.

Susan Carey
Member Elham Valley
Kent County Council