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Articles: Take the debate to the people

Contributed by editor on May 16, 2006 - 08:04 PM

Have your say!


Dear Ed,

Re: Well done Susan.

Susan Carey, 'Taken the debate to the people' , I'm not so sure!

I am disappointed that Susan Carey does not see it as a priority to attend the Public Meeting (22/5) which has been called by Councillor Tearle in order to debate the proposed closure of Selsted School in a public arena.

I understand that Ms. Carey has a prior commitment to a meeting at St. Marys Bay, however surely as our Local County Councillor her duty is here, to us and not to Romney Marsh.

I also question how much input Ms. Carey will have at the meeting she is choosing to attend where she will be o­ne of many councillors present. Given the current situation surely it is within her power to to make the public meeting her priority, where she could perhaps answer some of our questions.

Is truly so important that Ms.Carey be in St. Marys Bay o­n Monday evening or is that she does not relish the idea of being exposed unsupported to a questioning public, preferring to wait until the 14th June when she has an Education officer to lean o­n.

In all fairness to Ms. Carey she is a busy lady. Between her active website debates with 'the people' she fulfils many other roles. Ms. Carey is Lead Member for Education, (supporting the Cabinet Member for Education) which in turn brought other appointments with it including SOAB, Kent Schools Organisation Committee and interestingly SACRE (Standing Advisory Council o­n Religious Education).' The broad role of SACRE is to support effective provision of RE and Collective Worship in schools" (SACRE' Annual report 2004-2005).

It would indeed be difficult to explain exactly how advocating the closure of o­ne of the few church schools in the area sits comfortably with the role of SACRE.

Public debate would indeed be welcomed as it would seem that there is an unseen agenda (as implied in previous letters) to which we are not yet a party. It would appear that our own councillor, Ms. Carey seems to be more interested in her own career than the future of our children.

As Ms.Carey stated '105 places is a significant contribution to reducing the surplus places in our area' (13/5/06) - a fact which I'm sure would not go unnoticed in a political arena. I do not want Selsted School to become a statistical notch o­n a political bedpost at the expense of our children.

As a parent of a child at Selsted School, we have another child joining the reception class in September I would welcome the chance to hear what Ms. Carey has to say. I  feel that Susan Carey should review her priorities and face up to her responsibilities by attending the public meeting o­n Monday. In doing this she would truly take the debate to the people.

Sarah Redmond