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Articles: Cllr. Carey had longer to change plans than we did

Contributed by editor on May 21, 2006 - 11:25 PM

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Dear Ed,

Re:- I am happy to attend meetings

We may have had other commitments tomorrow evening too, but as parents our childrens welfare including their education is very high o­n our list of prorities. This does not appear to be the case for you.

We were given less than five days to respond to the proposed closure of Selsted C of E school before SOAB met, I think you have had decidely longer to change your commitments for Monday evening.

None the less I look forward to you answering our questions in the future. My distraught seven year old has some of his own, he would like to know why, when he  is perfectly happy and in my opinion receiving a first class Christian education he may no longer be allowed to attend the school he loves so much.

I don't think telling him that KCC are trying to save money will wash very well with him.

Julie Sotiriou
Save Selsted School Action Group