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Articles: Careynation Street battle over Howard's Way

Contributed by editor on May 31, 2006 - 03:37 PM




Adam Rickitt who played Nick Tilsley in Coronation Street is hoping to inherit Michaels Howard's safe seat in Folkestone and Hythe but he will be up against a strong local contender in the shape of Shepway District and Kent County Councillor Susan Carey.

Adam Rickitt Susan Carey

News of the application from the former Coronation Street actor who is on David Cameron's elite list of would-be MPs emerged yesterday.

It is bound to intensify the row over the so-called A list of favoured parliamentary candidates as Adam Rickitt, 28, has never stood for election before and has no links with the Kent seat.

Folkestone and Hythe, which is to be vacated by the former party leader, would be a plum seat for many would-be Tory MPs although less than half of the 'A list' candidates have applied for the constituency seat . 

Michael Howard's majority at the last general election was a comfortable 11,680.