Animal Rights supporters say Police have paid them thousands in compensation

Contributed by editor on Apr 29, 2009 - 09:40 AM

It has been claimed by Animal Rights supporters that Kent Police have now paid out a total of £27,500 to 22 protesters for being 'falsely imprisoned' on their own coach which had travelled from London to a protest in Dover.

The payout follows an alleged incident two and a half years ago on July 29 2006 when a coach from London arrived for a protest in Dover.

The coach, carrying about 40 protestors, was stopped by police on the edge of the town centre, where Police allegedly said they wanted to check the coach was roadworthy.

Whilst officers were checking the tyres, some protestors decided to walk the rest of the way to reach the demonstration which was a few hundred yards away along the sea front.

But activists claim a senior officer said they would be arrested unless they got back on the coach.

As the protestors waited on the coach, they say that two police evidence gatherers got on the coach and starting walking down the aisle taking photos and video.

The activists said the coach driver was ordered to return to London and was escorted by a number of police vehicles and motorbikes as far as the M25.