Delight over 20mph speed limit shift for residential streets in Kent

Contributed by editor on Sep 17, 2012 - 04:55 PM

A Canterbury councillor has expressed his delight after Kent County Council (KCC) accepted a proposal to extend 20mph limits in some areas of the county.

KCC accepted the Liberal Democrat proposal to extend 20mph limits in residential streets at their meeting on Thursday (13 September)

Martyn Vye, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Canterbury, who proposed the motion, expressed his delight afterwards.

He said: "Against serious evidence from Portsmouth and London that 20mph zones do lead to a reduction in road deaths and injuries, KCC has been dragging its feet over the issue.

"Today we proposed that Councillors should be able to use their Member's Highway Fund to establish 20 mph limits if this is what local residents want."

Martin added: "This is a first step towards what we and residents want - which is for KCC to use its powers to look carefully at residential streets throughout Kent, introduce 20mph limits where this would make them safer or more pleasant places to live."

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