Dedicated Dover dog fouling and litter dropping patrols clamp down on culprits

Contributed by editor on Jan 10, 2014 - 04:50 PM

Irresponsible dog owners and people who deliberately drop litter are being warned to keep the district clean or face a fine – with Dover District Council’s Environmental Enforcement Officers issuing 70 Fixed Penalty Notices from September to December 2013.

The new highly visible uniformed Environmental Enforcement Officers patrol the district seven days a week, and have powers to issue fixed penalties of £75 for littering and £50 for dog fouling, as part of a strict approach to enforcement. DDC is looking to introduce new dog control orders to increase the dog fouling fine up to a maximum of £80 later this year.

The Environmental Enforcement Team is working closely with the community to prevent offences, and to raise awareness of the issues. This includes working with local schools, and Town and Parish Councils, and new ideas are always welcomed.

Littering and dog fouling are criminal offences. DDC and its partners continue to work together to make sure the district remains a safe place to live, work and visit.

Cllr Nicholas Kenton, DDC Cabinet Member for Environment said: “We are very pleased at the success of the new Enforcement Officers. We are working with all our partners to continue to improve the environment, and the message is that we are clamping down on environmental crime, so pick up after your dog, and don’t drop litter.”

For more information, or to report a problem area, please see  or call (01304) 872428.

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