Whose Road Is It Anyway?....7 December 2002

Contributed by localrags on Dec 07, 2002 - 01:07 PM

As the mother of a young child I am horrified at the amount of heavy traffic which has been thundering up Spitfire Way and round the residential streets of the Brittania Park estate as a result of the diversion operating at the bottom of White Horse Hill.

I believe that Shepway Council has still not officially adopted Spitfire Way and Haven Drive and any number of other local roads and that they remain the responsibility of the developers.

That is why there are no school warning signs, proper traffic calming measures or a school crossing patrol outside The Churchill School because Shepway does not have to provide these things if it does not own the road.

So I would like to know who gave the Highways Authority permission to divert main road traffic along Spitfire Way and through residential areas while White Horse Hill is closed. Did they even ASK for permission? And how much did it cost them I wonder, or did the developers agree to waive their fee in the hope of obtaining planning permission for a few extra houses at a later date?

There is a sign at the bottom of Spitfire Way which quite clearly says: "No through traffic." Perhaps that should be amended to read: "Unless you can make it worth our while!"

Mary Hill