Swingfield Twinning Association Newsletter 2

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NEWSLETTER No 2 October 2004

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Colin Tearle (Chairman) 01303 892621

<P align=center>David Bateman (Vice-chairman)

<P align=center>Heather Bateman (Secretary) 01304 832086

<P align=center>Paul Tatt (Treasurer)

<P align=center>Harry O`Grady – Andrew Barchi

Yvonne Parry – Karen Tatt

Linda Tearle – Graham Truss

<P align=left>Dear Member,

This year’s annual visit to Swingfield by people from Aviron passed off smoothly and was generally judged to be a success, thanks largely to those who played host in their own homes to our visitors, and all those who helped with the organisation and logistics for the weekend. Special thanks is extended to Mr & Mrs Roberts who hosted the BBQ o­n Saturday which was attended by nearly 60 people despite the best efforts of the weather to dampen everyone’s enthusiasm.

<P align=left>On Sunday we had an excellent day out to Tenterden Vineyard which kicked off with a tour of the winery followed by a wine tasting and then lunch. With good food and wine we were ready to do some sightseeing in Tenterden. Certainly by the time our guests took leave of us late o­n Sunday there were many happy faces and French cars going home with English wine. (Bit like taking refrigerators to Eskimos).

<P align=left>Sadly Carol Cunningham has decided to retire from the committee after many years of hard work. Carol who has been associated with the Twinning Association since it was established in 1997 will be sorely missed. Our thanks for everything you have done. Carol’s place o­n the committee will be taken by Mr Andrew Barchi with Heather Bateman taking o­n the role for Secretary in the short term.

<P align=left>At the request of the Parochial Church Council, the Chairman of the Parish Council has invited the Mayor of Aviron, along with some French Reserve Army Officers to attend and participate in the service and act of remembrance o­n the 14th November, firstly at St Luke’s, Hawkinge and then at the Lychgate, St. Peter’s, Swingfield. The Chairman of the Aviron Twinning Association will also be attending.

<P align=left>In February next year, your Committee will be meeting with Aviron Twinning Committee to discuss ideas for the 2005 programme. This will include the programme when pupils from Selsted Primary School visit the Aviron Primary School for a week next May.

<P align=left>Finally, new members and ideas are always most welcome - we are generally surprised at how relaxed our twice-yearly visits with the people from Aviron really are and just how many private friendships and subsequent visits are now a feature of twinning.