No hiding place for hoax callers

Contributed by editor on Oct 24, 2004 - 09:52 AM


Kent Fire and Rescue Service is fighting the battle against hoax callers by investing in hi-tech equipment.

The new Enhanced Information Service for Emergency Controls (EISEC) system allows control staff to pinpoint a mobile phone location.

Head of Operational Services Steve Demetriou said: “Control staff already have the technology to locate the address of a hoax call made from a public call box or a landline, but the EISEC system can provide a series of locations from which a mobile phone hoax call is being made. We can then pass this information o­n to the police who can take the matter further.

“This represents a massive step forward in our fight against hoax calls – a problem that has the potential to divert valuable firefighting resources away from genuine incidents in which lives and property could be in danger. The system is also used to pre alert fire crews throughout the county, ensuring that they mobilised to an emergency quickly and efficiently.�

When a hoax caller dials 999 using a mobile phone and gets through to Control, the details are automatically exchanged between databases at Kent Fire and Rescue Service and British Telecom. This, in turn, will identify the nearest service provider’s transmitter – helping Kent Fire and Rescue Service pinpoint the location of the caller.