Laying it on the line

Contributed by editor on Oct 26, 2004 - 08:42 PM


The time is up for Shepway drivers who flout the rules and park o­n single and double yellow lines ‘just for a few minutes’.

From November 1 they will face a penalty charge notice of £60 (£30 if paid within 14 days) as Shepway District Council, along with other authorities in Kent, adjusts its enforcement policy and removes the five-minute ‘observation time’ allowed by parking attendants.

Manager of Parking Services, Jayne Whittington, said the observation period was not required by law and had been introduced at the discretion of the council when it took o­n certain parking powers in 2000.

“Since the observation time was introduced traffic has increased and o­n-street parking demand in our town centres has grown. This has resulted in the congestion and safety issues often witnessed today. Removing the observation time will cut out unnecessary obstruction o­n roads and ease the flow of traffic around our town centres.

“What drivers must now realise is that double yellow and single yellow lines clearly mean no waiting at any time – not even for a few minutes.�

This change in policy will not affect the rights of disabled badge holders, or those who are permitted to park o­n No Waiting restrictions in accordance with the relevant Traffic Regulation Order.