Cunning wrap around

Contributed by editor on Oct 29, 2004 - 10:38 AM


Dear Ed

Imagine my surprise this morning, upon returning from the farm to find o­n the doormat what initially appeared to be the Adscene free newspaper.

To my horror, I thought the paperboy had been hijacked into delivering LibDem propoganda.

Closer inspection revealed a cunning wrap around of the weekly free newpaper, with a front page dressed up as a copy of Adscene with nothing but LibDem stories claiming triumphs over the recent months.

The whole of the front and back pages were crammed full of stories which unless you happened to notice the small print tucked away in the bottom left hand corner of the back page, it mentioned it was promoted and published by the Liberal Democrats.

I have still been unable to find the word "advertisement" o­n the front page.

To my knowledge at least o­ne complaint has already been made to the newspapers head office and the Advertising Standards Authority and I'm sure after readers realise they have been duped into believing this was part of the newspaper's news content, many more complaints will follow.

If you agree with me you may like to contact the Advertising Standards Authority [1]

Colin Tearle