Hands free or you're nicked

Contributed by admin on Oct 08, 2004 - 08:25 PM


Canterbury Police are reminding drivers that patrols are still o­n the lookout for those who use mobile telephones while driving.

During August, the latest month that figures are available, a total of 10 drivers were fined for being in control of a vehicle while using a telephone illegally.

A police spokesman said, “Given the availability of hands-free kits there really is no excuse for using a telephone while driving.  Our officers will continue to be vigilant and act against those who disobey the law.  If you do not have the facility to answer a call safely and legally then you should turn your phone off while driving.

“Those who fail to heed the warning face a £30 fine and should a driver be responsible for a fatal accident while using a telephone illegally then a charge of death by dangerous driving may result in a long prison sentence.�