Hawkinge Community Safety Forum minutes 2 September 2004

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Minutes of Meeting Thursday 2nd September 2004 at Churchill School

1. Introductions.


Chris Ashman (Chairman), Sally Coleman (Parish & NHW Liaison Officer), Ian Norman (Hawkinge Community Warden), Jan Doyle (Chair. The Hawkinge Partnership), Jean McGill (Vice Chair), Terry Scott (Hawkinge Gazette), Janet Hutchings, Brian Marshall

Apologies:Diedre Lawton, Perry Hayward, Jackie & Martin Ide (Hawkinge Community Newsletter), PC Trevor Moody, Cllr. Richard King KCC Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport

2. Minutes of last meeting.  Signed by Chairman.

3. Open Forum - Matters Arising.

4. Report From Local Police Officer

PC Moody unable to be present see Community Warden report.

Guests and Letters Ref. School Safety

On the 2nd August 2004 a letter of our concerns for our children and an invitation to attend the forum was sent by the Chairman to -Cllr. David Callahan - Chairman Hawkinge Parish Council - Cllr. Peter Smith Phillapa Janaway - KCC Road Safety Officer - The Rt. Hon. Michael Howard QC MP - Brian McAndrew, Chief Executive SDC - Robert Beck – Highways SDC - John Palmer – County Member - Cllr. Christena Smith - Cllr. Richard King KCC - Jan Doyle - Chair. – Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership.

Letters of reply and support have been received from

Richard King KCC Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport with offers of support

Jan Doyle - Chair. – Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership who also attended the forum and promised to bring our concerns to the attention of the Hawkinge partnership at their meeting o­n the 9th September 2004.

No other recipients replied or attended.

5. Matters Arising – Open Forum.

The Hawkinge Partnership is looking into an overall plan for the village centre & car parking. Safety and parking was a primary concern identified at the last meeting of Partnership.

There is concern about the village plan and actual progress.

An exercise at the Hawkinge fun day “Three Wishesâ€?) discovered a prime concern of lack of facilities for Youth, Parking and Health and Safety. Long grass o­n roundabouts perceived as a motoring hazard.

Chairman to follow up by phone to Parish Council. Forum wishes to reminded all, that the Parish Council should be contacted by any villagers with safety concerns.

Offer accepted from the Hawkinge Gazette to publish Agenda, Minutes and notices o­n their website.

A discussion o­n the safety needs of the village with or without the completion of the proposed bypass ensued.

The Fun Day o­n 24th July o­n Green was a great success, many villagers attending with their children.

6. Neighbourhood Watch.

Sally gave a report o­n NHW activities in the village and around the area.

NHW Conference 9th October at Police Headquarters 10am to 3pm.

Message this month is to be very aware of scams and frauds prevalent in phone calls, junk mail and emails from unknown persons and companies claiming you have won something. The first obvious clue is:� if you didn’t enter it you can’t win it�. The voluntary phoning back to an 09 number can cost more than you bargained for.

The NHW “Handy Van Scheme “ is very busy supporting the elderly and vulnerable persons.

7. Report from Community Warden

Parking o­n and obstructing pavements is an offence. Burglary suspects have been arrested.

Parts of Hawkinge are being designated as Designated Dispersal Areas where those causing obstruction and nuisance can be dealt with and a curfew for young children is imposed.

News o­n ASBO’s.

Discussion o­n wants and needs for the youth of the village.

Damage to the Village Hall.

Ian has made a presentation to school leavers this term.

On the 16th October there will be a Free Security/Safety Day at the Community Centre where bicycles can be marked and villagers can obtain security information.

Kent Fire Brigade will be o­n hand to give safety in the home advice and fire alarm advice.

There will be the introduction of Community Safety Surgeries – more details later. Ian introduced the forum to the personal alarms proposed to be given to vulnerable people in Hawkinge when funds are available.

8. Reports from Councillors

No councillors attended the meeting.

9. Any other business.

Suggested invitees to our next meeting Deirdre Ferguson (HNMP) and the Manager of The Tesco Store. All villagers and organisations are invited to bring their safety concerns to the forum.

10. Next Meeting.  .

No Meeting in October

Thursday 11th November at Churchill School 7pm - 9pm