A General Election soon?

Contributed by editor on Nov 02, 2004 - 12:25 PM


Dear Ed

I see  Michael Howard has pledged his support to keep the Folkestone Post Office open and yes, hot o­n his heels, Peter Carroll has begun his own campaign to keep the facility open.

They may be jumping the gun as nothing is certain and all that has happened so far is Royal Mail has said that just under half of its main Post Offices could be closed.

I have some sympathy for Mr Carroll's campaign as he has fought for many of the local sub post offices to remain open.

But sorry Mr Howard, you were part of the Government who thought it was a great idea to privatise and split up as many public companies including the Post Office as you thought the electorate had the money to pay for.

So what is so great about a free market now? Share ownership for the masses may have been a vote winner then, but it's your turn now to suffer the consequences of that ill thought out idea.

Post Offices that fail to make money are now threatened with closure. Isn't that just a free market Mr Howard?

We all knew it would end in tears so don't try and get o­n our side now, you had your chance to stop it when you were in power.

Maybe you would like to do what you keep asking Mr Blair to do.........apologise.

We have longer memories than you think.

J Cullen