Tory sums dont add up

Contributed by admin on Apr 27, 2004 - 08:34 PM

<FONT face="" color=black size=4>TORY SUMS DONT ADD UP

<FONT face="" color=black>Dear Ed

I never thought I would say this, but were the Shepway Liberal Democrat councillors right all along when they blamed the previous tory administration for leaving the accounts in a mess.

<FONT face="" color=black>I dont know if you have seen the Consevative Party in Shepway leaflet which is dropping through doors now.

<FONT face="" color=black>Talking about the 10,000 signature petition against closing the loos in Shepway the STOP PRESS banner now claims a further 9,000 signatures.

<FONT face="" color=black>They proudly say "That makes over 15,000".

<FONT face="" color=black>Well I make it 19,000 which according to my "O" level maths is 4,000 more than the 15,000 calculated by the tories.

<FONT face="" color=black>Did anyone pass maths "O" level in the Tory Party?

Embarrassed former Tory voter