The Hawkinge Annual Parish Meeting

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Report by Joan Brisley
The Hawkinge Annual Parish Meeting was held o­n Wednesday April 28th in the Village Hall.

There were 12 members of the public present.

Kirk Alexander, Project manager for the White Cliffs Countryside Project (WCCP) outlined proposals for green walking routes in Hawkinge plus extra cycleways and the re-opening of of some of the old footpaths for walkers.
The Chairman of Hawkinge Parish Council, Cyril Trice, presented his report o­n the council's activities over the past year and what they hope to do in the future. The football ground in The Street is up and running and it is hoped that it will be possible to start a Hawkinge football team and get someone to coach the youngsters who are interested in taking up the sport.

Plans are in hand for a new food store, pub/hotel, doctor's surgery and restaurant o­n the employment land off Haven Drive.

The Community Newsletter has been very successful and is now being edited by Mrs Jackie Ide.
Kent County Councillor, John Palmer, reported o­n local policing and said that the Deputy Prime Minister wants to see a lot more houses built in Kent. However, there is a need for services, such as roads and shops, to be in place first.
Community Warden, Ian Norman, and Community Police Officer PC Trevor Moody, are tackling crime and anti-social behaviour within the parish.
The local District Councillors also spoke about crime and disorder as well as recycling of paper, bottles, cardboard and tins etc either at the recycling centre in Aerodrome Road or the council unit in Fernfield.

There are still plans for a secondary school in the village and they are working with Age Concern and Help the Aged to do more for older parishioners.
Cllr David Callaghan is also trying to get the sign to the Channel tunnel o­n the A20 removed as this directs lorries through the village o­n their way to the Channel Tunnel.
Jan Doyle, Chairman of Hawkinge Neighbourhood Management Partnership, then spoke about the money allocated to Hawkinge by the Government. This is approximately £2 Million over the next seven years. This needs to go to projects for the good of the residents of Hawkinge and a manager is to be appointed to oversee this. Any local project that needs money to keep it going can apply.
Cllr Peter Smith, a Governor at The Churchill School, reported that the school is continuing to do well under the direction of Head Teacher Jennie Carter. Cllr George Hodgson, a Governor at Hawkinge Primary School, reported that it was also doing well and was getting good pupil results.
Cllr Joan Brisley, a member o­n the Hawkinge Village Hall Management Committee, reported that the exterior of the hall is due to be painted this summer and there are also plans for new windows and updating the toilet facilities. Bookings are good but more are needed during the summer months. A lot of local organisations are still using the hall on a regular basis, she said, and it can be hired for private parties and wedding receptions. The hall has stood for 71 years and with the refurbishments there's no reason why it can't stand for a further 70 years!
Cllr John Heasman, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Hawkinge Community Centre, reported that the centre is also doing very well and is regularly booked by local clubs and organisations. The Saturday markets have been very popular and, all being well, the Post Office will move in sometime in July.

Mrs Wendy Bell, of Hawkinge WI, gave a brief report of the group's activites over the past year. They meet o­n the first Tuesday of the month at 2pm in the Village Hall and new members are always welcome.
Joan Brisley reported o­n the activities of the Hawkinge & District Gardeners' Society, which meets in the Village Hall on the first Wednesday of every month. Everyone is welcome to come along. Subs are £5 a year, and there is a speaker every month on some aspect of gardening.
Mrs Janet Cripps, of Hawkinge Walking Group, reported that the group continues to meet o­nce a month outside the Village Hall and all are welcome to come along. The route varies but almost always includes a visit to a local hostelry for lunch!
The meeting closed at 10pm.