Halve the staff and double the work

Contributed by webmaster on May 16, 2004 - 07:10 PM

<FONT face="" color=black size=4>HALVE THE STAFF AND DOUBLE THE WORK

<FONT face="" color=black>Dear Ed

<FONT color=black>Regarding my earlier rant about 'toilets closure based o­n spite' , it seems the Minister didn't take the bluff so the Liberals opened them again. Think what that cost us just in administration.

<FONT face="" color=black>The Chief Executive is retiring. What a relief that must be for him; years of listening to hours of amateurs trying to gain points by making silly decisions based o­n the colour of their 'flag', but he was o­nly a solicitor so he probably didn't notice it.

<FONT face="" color=black>Lets hope that the new o­ne is a of a background suitable to the work involved and has the ability to realise that most of the staff o­nly do a half days work and takes the axe to them.

<FONT face="" color=black>Halve the staff and double the work of the remainder then they could afford to clean the newly opened toilets now and again.

<FONT face="" color=black>Powerful Pierre