Questions need answers

Contributed by admin on May 17, 2004 - 07:57 PM

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Dear Editor

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>I was interested to read in the paper how the Liberal Democrat Spokesman Peter Carroll claimed he knew nothing of the benefit fraud of the husband of Cllr Jenkins when it came to light.

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>I would like to know if he also claims he was ignorant of the much more serious decision to close toilets, throughout Shepway.

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<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>1.   Was Peter Carroll at any Liberal Democrat meeting when the issue was discussed?

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>2.   Did Peter Carroll argue and vote against his party’s line at all occasions at all times when it was suggested that the toilets would be closed?

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>3.   Did Peter Carroll publicly denounce this decision as ludicrous and if so where did he do it?

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<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>I think the people have the right to know the answers to the above questions if Peter Carroll is ever to run for Parliament for this District again.

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT face="" color=black>Yours sincerely

<P class=MsoNormal><FONT size=2><FONT color=black><FONT face="" size=3>Jonathan Holborow

<FONT face="" size=3>Chairman Shepway Conservatives

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