Greetings from Suffolk

Contributed by admin on May 21, 2004 - 10:19 PM

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It's now about a month since Karen, Eloise and I left Hawkinge for the joys of Suffolk so I thought that it was about time that I sent an update:

We are living in Kesgrave just outside Ipswich and it is a very nice area with very good public transport links and a selection of local shops, o­ne of which is a very useful Tesco supermarket.

The whole area is a cycling paradise - there are cycle tracks everywhere ( I've heard it quoted that this area has the most cyclists in the UK) and there are several local beauty spots that include cyclists in their plans.

Rendlesham Forest run by the forestry commision is very beatiful and has two cycle routes of 7 and 11miles although it better known for the UFO sightings that feature o­n several websites.

Alton water is a local reservoir serving Ipswich - it has a good visitor centre, sailing, fishing, canoeing, rambling and it is possible to hire all manner of pedal powered transport to use o­n the  tracks that run around the waterside.

I've spent more than a year working two days per week in Ipswich but due to time constraints I've really o­nly seen the M25/A12, a hotel room and my office so it's been excellent to find that the whole area is much prettier than we had expected.

The people seem very friendly and the pace of life seems a little slower than we had become used to - no bad thing I'm sure, combined with excellent local facilities, attractive architecture (Suffolk Pink cottages) the lifestyle certainly seems to suit us.

Eloise has settled in with her new childminder and very much enjoys her 'pre-school' group at the local community centre, she has now secured a place at the new local school which she will start to attend in September.

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 regards to all,

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