Nursery for Dover School

Contributed by admin on May 21, 2004 - 11:52 PM

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NURSERY FOR DOVER SCHOOL <FONT color=black size=2>

A proposal to establish a maintained nursery o­n the rebuilt Shatterlocks Infant School site yesterday passed its first hurdle at Kent County Council's School Organisation Advisory Board (Thursday 20 May).

Members gave their unanimous support to start a public consultation o­n the proposal, with plans for the unit to become operational in April 2005.

The school itself is in the process of being rebuilt and the inclusion of a nursery unit at this stage makes considerable budgetary sense. There is also a shortage of nursery places available in the immediate vicinity of Shatterlocks School, which this nursery would address.

There is considerable evidence that nursery schools or other pre-school provisions enable young children to take full advantage of their infant or primary school when they enter the education system, something KCC has recognised by embarking o­n an expansion scheme intended to increase the numbers of maintained nursery schools from 35 two years ago to 70 by 2006.

Cabinet Member for School Standards Leyland Ridings said: "This is a deprived area and there is a lack of nursery places close to the school. A maintained unit attached to Shatterlocks is something we are all happy to see; it is good news for the parents, kids and teachers."