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Contributed by admin on May 25, 2004 - 09:41 PM

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Dear Ed

What amazes me is that we have two district councillors o­n the Development Control Committee and not o­ne of them was able to attend this meeting and put their oar in about the needs of Hawkinge.  All members of the committee are given warning of what is going to be discussed so you would have thought at least o­ne of them would have made an effort to attend.

Had our district councillors really taken an interest in this local planning issue surely they could have phoned up Jeff Stack and asked him?  Just because he has been caught "on the hop" Councillor Callahan is now spitting feathers and taking an interest.

Either way, this whole affair is ridiculous.  The Gazette quoted Shepway as saying that the Lidl store would "Take trade away from supermarkets in Folkestone".  For o­ne thing, Lidls is not everyones cup of tea with regard to the goods they supply and secondly I thought that there was always this interest in making people use their cars less.  Although the latter may not have been a complete success it would have been a start.  As for the building being bland and too big for the needs of Hawkinge, hmmm, methinks someone with influence possibly lives in Terlingham Village.