Supermarket refusal

Contributed by admin on May 27, 2004 - 09:27 PM

<FONT face=Arial color=black size=4>SUPERMARKET REFUSAL

<FONT color=black>Dear Ed

<FONT color=black>Here we go again, another Liberal Democrat, in this case in the guise of Cllr Peter Smith failing to take responsibility for his actions or in this case in-action.

<FONT color=black>Cllr Smith is not o­nly Vice Chairman of Shepway District Council, he is also Vice Chairman of the Development Control Committee, and so to permit planners to dash Hawkinge's hope of a supermarket under delegated powers is appalling.

<FONT color=black>Let's not make any bones about it, both as the ward member, let alone Vice Chairman of the development Control Committee, he had the power to prevent officers refusing the application for a supermarket without reference to any councillors.

<FONT color=black>There are no excuses, both Cllr Smith and fellow ward Councillor and Parish Councillor David Callahan, who is also o­n the Development Control Committee should have been aware of the path of the application which had already been before Hawkinge Parish Council.

<FONT color=black>Time and again since he became a councillor, Peter Smith has continually bemoaned the fact of Hawkinge's rapid homes expansion without an adequate infrastructure and yet what does he do when he has the chance to put something in place?

<FONT color=black>This is all the more strange since in 2002 he voted in favour of outline planning permission for commercial developments o­n that site.

<FONT color=black>Colin Tearle