Hall is a 'magnet for crime'

Contributed by editor on Aug 25, 2004 - 02:17 PM


Dear Ed

<FONT color=black>How many residents have walked along that nasty little alleyway between the Village Hall and the Saddle Rack shop?

<FONT color=black>If you think the rest of the hall looks bad, you should view it from there - it's a wreck!

<FONT color=black> What o­n earth are the Trustees of the hall doing about it - didn't they have quite a considerable amount of money left to them not that long ago? If so, what did they do with it?
At o­ne Parish Council meeting I went to, Mrs Brisley mentioned that the hall was going to be repaired and generally tidied up.  With all due respect to her, the hall needs something a lot more radical than she seemed to have in mind.
To repeat my original letter, the place should be condemned, it's an absolute disgrace and a magnet for crime in the area.
I am sure that if put o­n the market, someone would be interested in buying it to re-develop the site.  So come o­n Trustees, if you read this, let's hear your views.

<FONT color=black>Jean James