Entente cordiale celebrations

Contributed by editor on Aug 26, 2004 - 06:50 PM


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One hundred years of entente cordiale was marked in Boulogne on Saturday (14 August) with the unveiling of a 15 feet high statue on the harbourside.

The white statue, called Shake Hands, incorporates outlines of Great Britain and France joined by interlocking hands and the cut outs of two suns that help create a smiling face.

Among those who attended the ceremony were Cllr George Bunting, District Secretary for the Environment; Chief Executive, Brian McAndrew; Regeneration and Economic Development Manager, John Foster and Isabelle Watier, Manager of BOSCO, the Boulogne and Shepway Co-operation.

After the unveiling by Boulogne Mayor, Frederick Cuvillier, Cllr Bunting paid tribute to the French military and the sacrifices made during the Second World War.

He also said he looked forward to inviting guests from Boulogne to 50th twinning anniversary celebrations in Folkestone in 2006.

As well as twinning links, Shepway and Boulogne work together through BOSCO [1] to regenerate both towns and to secure European funding for joint projects. BOSCO’s [2] latest success secured £563,000 of funding to extend new paving, lighting and other enhancements in Guildhall Street and the Sandgate Road precinct in Folkestone.

<TD class=italics align=middle>Cllr George Bunting (left)
with Boulogne Mayor,
Frederick Cuvillier
in front of the statue