Peter calls for action on drunken behaviour

Contributed by editor on Jan 13, 2005 - 06:08 PM


Following the BBC documentary about local police dealing with drunken behaviour shown on Monday evening(10 January), Lib Dem campaigner Peter Carroll has added his voice to calls for action

Peter said, 'I had a night out on patrol with the Police some months ago and saw that kind of behaviour first hand. The Police handle it very well under the circumstances but they shouldn't have to face that level of abuse and people in Folkestone should have the right to walk through their town centre without having to run the gauntlet of that kind of behaviour'.

Peter said, 'The night time economy might make money out of selling drink in the way featured, but it must miss out on the revenue that could be made from law abiding people being frightened away'.

Peter believes: " Being drunk and disorderly, abusing a Police Officer and violence whilst drunk should be treated more severely - £50 fines are not a deterrent.

" The licence trade and drinks industry should have to pay a tax towards Policing town centres to fund more Police officers. Football clubs have to help pay for Policing their games. The drinks industry is making big profits out of this industry.

" Many of the people I saw in that film were definitely underage because I know them and their families. This should be ruthlessly cracked down on.

" Special 'mega deals' should not be allowed - like all you can drink for £10.00

" In the long term, schools will have to have more emphasis on educating people from an early age."

Peter continued; "People in Folkestone should have the right to walk through their town in the evening without worrying about being abused, intimidated or frightened."

"I am also aware in Folkestone that drunkenness often leads to violent assault with racial overtones on many staff who work in fast food outlets."